What are some ways that kids are environmentally friendly?



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    They don’t drive cars, and they hate to bathe!

    Also, I remember when I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was go to the recycling center so that I could hurl bottles and cans into the giant bins to make a big racket.  When I learned that I was actually making a difference, the fun increased by, I’d say, at least 60%.  I also used to be mesmerized by windmills.  Kids can appreciate that simple beauty very naturally, I think.  And if it’s fun and environmentally friendly, you can bet kids will be good at it!

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    Kids generally dont need much to be entertained. Give them some mud and sticks and their imaginations will run wild.

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    I suppose the most logical answer is the fact that they are not adults, makes them more environmentally friendly.  Adults drive cars, which creates carbon emissions and we purchase products then throw them away, creating landfill waste.  Children have not developed the same capacity of environmental harm as adults have.

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