what are some of the ways invertebrates help people



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    There are very many invertebrates that help people.  The leech helps stimulate blood flow and prevent blood clots to help tissue heal, the honey bee and butterfly both help pollinate flowers and allow for the production of fruit and vegetables, and worms help fertilize soil, just to name a few.  

    The blog below gives some information on several different invertebrates that help decompose waste to help humans grow their gardens, vegetables, lawns, etc.


    And let’s not forget invertebrates that we eat, such as shrimp, squid, and lobster.

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    That’s a pretty big question!  Invertebrates make up 98% of species on earth, so the various sorts of invertebrates help us in a wide variety of ways.  For example, insects such as bees pollinate plants that we need for sustenance, and scientists are able to use fruit flies for genetic testing which can help them further understand human genetics.

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