What are some ways to improve gas mileage of a car?



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    The government’s website on fuel economy lists four suggestions:

    1) Drive more efficiently.  Unnecessary braking and acceleration wastes gas.

    2) Car Maintenence.  Make sure oxygen sensors are functional, tires are properly inflated, and the correct grade of motor oil is being used at all times.

    3) Trip Planning.  Combining trips or using the most efficient route during trips can save a lot of gas.

    4)  Use a more efficient vehicle.  I understand this advice may be of no help if you are asking about optimal gas mileage for your existing vehicle.

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    As getwithrico said, driving more efficiently is one way to greatly increase your gas mileage. This is known as hypermiling. Some hypermiling techniques, such as accelerating slowly, can annoy other drivers, so you need to use your best judgement on choosing which techniques to employ at which times.

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