What are some ways that humans are trying to protect the earths resources?



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    We are trying to pretect the earth’s resources by recycling, re-using and reducing.  We can recycle many products that cannot be re-used so they can be made into something funcitonal again.  We can re-use many products like shopping bags or yogurt containers for a multitude of projects.  We can reduce the number of non-recycled items we use and install energy efficient and water saving devices to reduce our need for these resources.

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    By the individual choices that we make. For instance, by using less water when taking shorter showers. Or driving less and riding our bikes or walking instead. All of these small individual choices help to preserve earth’s precious resources. 

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    Conscious awareness, and understanding the effects that every choice has on the greater picture.  By realizing an interconnectedness and feeling a responsibility to the whole, not just the self. In these ways we are starting to perform actions that put a priority on using resources efficiently, or finding alternate resources entirely….and preserving the ones we have.

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