What are some ways to help spread environmental awareness?



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    Media outlets are great for spreading information quickly and efficiently. Starting a website (like this one!), a facebook group, or writing about environmental info online is a way to spread awareness to a broad group of people in a short time. Just keep it simple, and don’t overwhelm people. If you know any film students or directors, making short films or documentaries is an excellent way to spread information.

    Another good way is to get your community involved. Start an environmental club in your area or school. Together, environmentally-conscious individuals can launch eco-friendly projects, like recycling or agricultural programs, and spread the word. Throwing fun events for environmental causes, or just having a town fair about the environment, can make people more eco-conscious and increase participation.

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    Definitely through a media format. Television, radio, and internet.

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    Just talk about with people you know. Read the news and engage people in conversations about environmental topics. Being well informed will really help when you encounter people that may not consider themselves “green” and hopefully you can change their minds!

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    I agree a lot of the points already made. Being informed about the issues and working collectively to make a difference are the foundation of spreading environmental awareness. Just be aware that not everyone shares the “go green” sentiment to the extent that you may. Convincing someone to convert to vegetarianism may not happen overnight, but encourage easy changes like using ecofriendly cleaning products or recycling. Small baby steps are the way to bigger and more impactful changes.

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    I agree that staying being an “environmental ambassador” yourself – keeping up to date and well informed on environmental issues, spreading information in your daily life, and really leading by example are all good ways of spreading awareness. Getting involved in local environmental programs, non-profits or causes can all be useful in this regard. I think you have the best chance of affecting those closest to you – your family and friends. If they see what an integral part environmental awareness is of your life, they may be more inspired to be similarly environmentally conscious themselves. Gandhi’s famous quote – “Be the change you want to see in the world” really works.

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    With a couple of friends one can canvass their neighborhood spreading environmental awareness. If there is a particular issue of concern that may be up for a vote in the legislature, then that could be something worth canvassing. Going door-to-door to inform residents of the issue and then providing them with the resources to participate in the decision making process is empowering. Not only will then gain awareness of the issue but they will also have been able to make a difference and might be inspired to be both environmentally and politically active.

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    Another way to spread environmental awareness is by setting the example to your friends and family. If they see the steps you take towards being environmentally friendly they may follow in your footsteps, even if it is just recycling at home or not turning on lights before a certain time of day. You can also try to implement eco-friendly actions in your workplace, like recycling or trying to using less power, and in that way slowly spread environmental awareness and action.   

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