What are some ways that a grocery store can recycle?



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    Grocery stores have lots of extra food that instead of throwing away they could donate to food banks or homeless shelters. They can also have bins for collection of plastic bags for recycling programs or have recycling collection sites in their parking lots. They can also support returnable glass container programs that exist with some milk, soda, or beer bottles. 

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    Grocery stores can do a lot of things to help recycles.  All the big boxes that they use to transport food and other things in can be reused as moving boxes.  They can create programs where people are encouraged to bring their own bags from home instead of grocery store plastic bags. 

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    Most grocery stores have a soda machine. They should place a recycling bin near the soda machine. This way even if someone takes the soda with them, they will see the bin and hopefully remember to recycle the can when they get home.

    Stores can also offer recycling for their plastic bags and paper bags, or better yet, offer reuseable cloth bags.

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