What are some ways to green a party?



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    There are plenty of things you can do to make a party environmentally friendly. With the food, the easiest thing to do is buy locally, cutting down on fuel emissions used to ship foods. Instead of buying decorations and invitations, recycle things from around the house or anywhere else you can find them. Use candles or firelight to illuminate your party, not only does this cut down on energy consumption but it sets quite a mood as well. 

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    I love the idea of throwing a green party!  A lot of people don’t like washing dishes after a party, and in all honesty it wastes a lot of water.  I recommend also buying biodegradeable cups and plates for your guests.  Also, invite your guests using e-vites rather than paper invites, which use trees and energy to ship.  The link below also has some great recipes and various ideas that you might find helpful.

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    There is a website called Paperless Post and they have beautiful e-vites, so you don’t have to use paper. By setting up an e-mail or online forum you can help people car pool to the event, which will help reduce the amount of gas used by all of the travelers. 

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    One of the most basic party materials would include tableware. At Party City, there is a new line of earth friendly disposable tableware. The brand is called “Stalk Market,” and is made from compostable sugar cane fiber called bagasse. They are sturdier than paper plates, microwave safe, oil resistant, and can handle boiling and freezing temperatures. I have personally tried these products and found them to be very efficient and easy to use. They are also 100% biodegradeable. I would definitely recommend them!




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    Serving organic wine at your party is a great way to incorporate sustainable drinks for your guests.

    Children parties are often full of commercialized, disposable decoration and tableware. Children can be just as happy with fabric with cool designs, especially if the decorations can be used again in their rooms. The goodie bags can be made of cloth instead of plastic.

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