What are some ways to get rid of a cough naturally?



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    Some lemon juice, honey and warm water can help you get rid of your cough naturally. Other great natural remedies include using ginger, grapes, warm spinach juice and raisins. There are some recipes here, they are very simple and all natural: http://www.natural-homeremedies.com/homeremedies_cough.htm

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    Depends on what is causing the cough. If you are coughing from a post nasal drip, a great way to reduce the drip (and therefore the cough) is to use a neti pot. The neti pot will clear your sinuses, reducing the post nasal drip, and allowing you to cough less, but cough more “productively.” To double its effectiveness, you can follow your nasal irrigation by drinking tea with honey (I particularly like kava stress-relief tea). This will soothe your throat, which will keep you from dry coughing, which happens when your throat is irritated.

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