What are some ways that Facebook can be used to cut carbon emissions?



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    If you use your creativity, there are a multitude of ways you can use the ever-popular facebook to cut back on carbon emissions! You can form or join a green group on facebook that is dedicated to providing tips and support for those of you wanting to help our environment. A great place to start is the Nature Conservancy website’s carbon footprint calculator. It can help you understand what activities you can alter to lessen you carbon footprint, and perhaps give you some ideas to start your own facebook group to encourage others. The calculator is located here: http://www.nature.org/initiatives/climatechange/calculator/

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    You can create facebook groups and fan pages that promote environmental awareness. Also you can come in to contact with other people with similar viewpoints. This includes meeting people that would like to make an impact in the environment and reduce carbon footprints. I use this for my environmental group in college. 

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    Education! Facebook is viewed and loved by so many people that it is a great means to educate people about emissions but also other environmental issues. Through fan groups, ads, and simple postings people can be educated about what is happening to our Earth. Facebook could even be encouraged to help support environmental change (they are online, so that is one first step – no wasted paper, etc.).

    Facebook currently is “cool” and if they are to support something, many of their fans will support it as well. They are very powerful and have the opportunity to really help educate people on what we must do to save the planet.

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