What are some ways to educate children about global warming?



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    Check out the link below. It give you ways to talk to kids about global warming in a way that they will understand. It uses household products and foods, to explain the effects. Hands on is the best way to learn!

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    I agree with courkent. Hands on learning is the best way to learn. The first link I have provided shows different hands on learning experiences that kids can participate in. The second link provides you with a variety of kid-friendly sites that kids can visit and learn about global warming themselves.

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    Global warming is an issue that goes far beyond noticing the temperature rise a few degrees. It is a historical phenomenon of climate fluctuation that humans are still trying to grasp in all its complexity. Children should learn about the history of Earth in all its warm and cool stages and learn that Earth is moving into a new climate stage. You could teach them about past ice ages when the world was very different and humans had to use different techniques to survive the conditions. Then you could explain how we are moving towards a warm period in Earth when people will need to adjust their methods of survival again. You should tell them that scientists are trying to figure out how humans are involved in the warming trend we are in. But you should also focus on what is scientifically known and not politicize such a complex scientific issue.

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