What are some ways to deal with global warming skeptics?



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    There are a lot of ways to answer this, and I look forward to what others have to say.

    As I personally see it, it might be easier to get people to agree on the necessity of sustainability, even if they are climate change skeptics. The need for sustainable clean water, air, and the long term use of natural resources is (I think) a harder concept to scrutinize–clean water now is good, so keeping it clean for later is good too. If more people understand and value keeping the environment nice for humans, and change their behaviors, then it won’t be as important that they are skeptical of climate change.

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    There are people who won’t change their minds no matter what evidence you provide, but others are simply misinformed.  It’s not surprisng; there’s been a huge global warming denial movement funded by oil companies putting out misleading PR. 

    Grist.org has a FANTASTIC series called “How to Talk to a Climate Sketpic” that features rebuttals to almost all the common denier arguments.  Definitely recommend it!

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    As mentioned above, most people are just misinformed and may not know what global warming really is. Since global warming does relate to sustainability, it would be easier to explain how if resources are used and our oceans and air continue to be polluted, our environment worsens. Also incorporate the “green” movement: companies shifting towards electric vehicles; recycling and using alternative energy sources. These changes aren’t just happening for no reason; they are occurring because of an obvious awareness that our earth is worsening over time. Even if they are skeptical about global warming, helping them realize that the earth is going through some serious issues will open the door somewhat.

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