What are some ways to create green jobs within a company?



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    Well, there are already sustainable or green jobs such in multiple industries. For example, an advertising or PR person can choose to work with sustainable companies or organizations. You also have the typical jobs like Energy Director at NBC or Research Analyst at Futerra Sustainability Communications. Furthermore, often companies will work to keep their sustainable as possible (well some). For example, Wal*mart has become environment conscious and no doubt has employees who work in their sustainble division.

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    Sustainability Coordinators are staff member(s) within a company responsible for planning and implementating environmental friendly changes to the company’s products and operations. Some coordinators may be responsible for calculating the company’s carbon footprint and recommending changes to lower the company’s emissions. Others may be in charged of the company’s in house recycling program. A lot of universities have someone like this in their staff to do these things. 

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