What are some ways to convince people to protect the environment?



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    That depends on your intended audience and their initial opinion to environmental issues. I took a public speaking course in college, and they said that if you want to reach someone who is anti-(insert issue here), then you should use statistics and data to open your speech. If you are trying to reach someone who is already sympathetic to your cause to take more action than they are already taking, than you should use graphic photographs such as pictures of marine birds covered in oil. However, if you use these pictures on an audience that is not sympathetic to your cause, it could backfire. So, statistics from a reliable source are a good way to sway people who are anti-environment. Here is a link where you can read more about persuasive techniques:

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    I agree with, “happyhodges” that the promotion of environmental protection largely depends on what audience one is speaking too.  However, there are a few ways to reach all but the most ignorant people.  One way is to convince people that an environmentally conscious lifestyle is preferable to a consumeristic lifestyle.  This is easiest to do by examining the health effects of both of these lifestyles.  Clearly the environmentally conscious person’s lifestyle is better for their bodily health and the health of other living things.  Cultural events are another way to gain support among the uneducated and otherwise unconcerned masses.  This means encouraging musical, spiritual, and food events based around ecology.  It also means establishing environmental volunteering as a way to make friends.

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    Another way to convince people to protect the environment is to get people connected with it. Urbanized areas hold the largest concentration of individuals; this lifestyle is so removed from nature that it is hard for people to care about something that they truly no nothing about. Though it may be too late for older adults that have lived an urban life for the majority of their years, it is never too late however for today’s youth. The nonprofit that I volunteer for, Audubon Arizona, specializes in providing nature education to inner-city youth, and that includes environmental responsibility. It is a fact that an experience with Audubon Arizona may be the only chance some of these kids get in being exposed to any kind of wildlife. In doing this, the hope of the organization is to instill accountability for nature in the minds of the youth so that they may become future environmental stewards.  

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    Education and instilling fear. 

    Yes, I know I sound harsh but it works often. If you alert people to the fact that the bad choices they are making now will only make it harder for their children and grandchildren to enjoy life, I think they are more likely to listen and be concerned. If you tell people that the choices they make about the environment might soon turn around and bite them in the butt, they might listen.

    Education is key. Ignorance leads to people being too comfortable. There are many problems and people do not realize this. To get people to listen, you need to relate to them.

    People love their children and themselves. Educate them on what they are essentially doing to themselves and the future generations.


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