what are some ways of conserving forests?



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    Not logging them is the most important. Over 2/3rd of all the forest in europe and parts of asia have been cut down over the past few thousand years. Human impact has been devastating to entire ecosystems. We need to protect forests and replenish what we have taken from the earth. It’s called sustainable farming techniques. Other ways of conserving forests include, community clean-up efforts, carry-in carry-out parks, and wildlife and nature preserves.

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    There are several ways we can conserve forests. First, stopping or reducing logging is very important. We must focus on old-growth forests and those forests with rare or important species. There are many areas of the world that have been cut and we should grow and cut lumber in these areas.

    Education also is very important. Amazingly, many people in the world do not understand the importance of saving our forests. Forests provide oxygen and habitat for animals. The potential of many plants for food and medicine are not known.

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