What are some ways that companies have changed the way they package their goods?



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    use bubble rap its good

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    Many companies are switching to biodegradable packaging materials. These can be plant-based plastics that decompose completely within a few years or other materials made from plants that you can put in your compost bin when you are finished with them. Corn starch is a common material used for biodegradable packaging materials.

    Sometimes, going back to the way things were done in the past is better. For example, Straus Family Creamery uses good old-fashioned glass bottles for their milk. The bottles can be returned to the store where you purchased the milk, and then the bottles are sanitized and washed so they can be used again. This takes a lot less energy than melting down the bottles completely and making new ones.

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    Companies that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint have taken on several ways of making their packaging more eco friendly. The most obvious and perhaps common way of doing this is using recycled materials. Recycled newsprint for example can be used as molded pump to make packaging.

    I, personally, notice a few things. Some profucts used to come “double” or “triple” packed (inside the box, another box and a bag). I notice that now, for some products, the extra bag is not being used. Some electronic wires I have found in very boring but obviously recycled or biodegradable materials. Using less plastic is always good for the environment. Some cereal companies ditch teh box and just have a bag.


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