What are some ways companies are cutting down on the amount of paper they are using?



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    One easy way for companies to cut down on paper use is simply to reduce the amount of communication that takes place on paper. For example, bulletins and documents can be sent via email, and employees can be encouraged to not print documents unless they absolutely need to. Many businesses also regularly recycle scrap paper.

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    Double-sided printing is easily achieved by setting it as the printer’s default position. Since most companies use email rather than snail mail, it saves more paper to scan and email documents. Some companies are also getting involved in paper recycling programs, which separate high-quality white paper from other types of paper, like newspaper. They can also choose to purchase recycled content paper, rather than the more expensive white paper.

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    Businesses are cutting down on paper by using digital communication throughout the company as well as with customers. Online bill paying, advertising and email have reduced the need for paper. Records and documents are often kept digitally in offices rather than being printed. Used paper is also able to be recycled or shredded for use as packaging material.

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