What are some ways that colleges have tried to use less paper throughout the year?



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    Good question, Rosanna.  I suspect there are many professors out there that help save paper here and there by staying aware of their paper using practices.  Some of my professors, for example, print two pages of text on one piece of paper, or refrain from printing practically anything by offering the course documents and readings on blackboard, an online based educational tool.  Things like this add up if everyone is doing them, but perhaps an act of paper saving that has gotten more attention is several universities decision to use the Kindle DX, an electronic reading device.  Six universities have participated in testing out these Kindles, including Princeton and Arizona State.  I haven’t read too much about the devices themselves, but the obvious question that comes to mind is how energy efficient they are. What good is saving paper if we use a whole lot more electricity in the process?  But, that is a whole different discussion.

    Anyway, hope this helps!


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    When I was in college (just finished two years ago) I was a TA for a class and graded all the papers. The professor had the students submit them to an online program, I graded them right on my computer, and then they could see the marks I’d made. This really adds up when you consider that each students was turning in a 7-10 page paper and there were 150 students. This is just one semester! So practices like that really can save a lot. 

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    The most popular way teachers are reducing their use of paper is to have students email their papers or submit them online.  This can save tons of paper after dozens of assigments and drafts are submitted throughout the semester.  Also, the blackboard online system helps teachers distribute handouts and the syllabus without having to print anything out.  Most schools and classes have access to the system through their online student account. 

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