What are some ways a city can encourage its residents to ride their bikes more?



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    They could start by restructuring the city to be more accessible to bike traffic.

    In many cities, a free bike program has grown popular. It works different in different places, but generally you deposit an amount into a bike rack, take a bike and ride whereever you want to go, and recieve your deposit when you get back.

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    Often people’s biggest concern is safety.  People want a safe space to bicycle.  This requires the government to provide a suitable infrastructure.  The is no one answer here and far to many traffic engineers don’t know how to design a road system the is safe for bike.

    Second to engineering solutions city can offer programs provide tips on bike commuting, help business to be more bike-friendly, addressing obesity issues.  It always help if high officials lead by example.

    The link below goes to a lot more information.

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    As mentioned above, a cities structure is very important to increase biking for several reasons. Safety is definitely an issue, but accessibility to goods and services is another important factor. The way American cities are structured with a suburb and a Wal-Mart 20 miles out in the middle of no where is not designed with bikers in mind. A city with many small grocery stores and other services nearby increases the appeal of biking. 

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    I am a daily bike commuter. I work for a conservation organization that is ALL ABOUT alternative transportation. Each year we celebrate Bike-to-Work- Month and we receive valuable prizes if our department wins the “race”. We are given verbal kudos at all-staff meetings (it goes a long way with people to be commended for an admirable and, let’s face it- not always easy, job well-done). Some of our city’s employers offer incentives such as: money toward the purchase of a new bike, extra monthly pay for bike-commuting, free bike maintenance classes, etc. So, I suppose, if companies and organizations are motivated to have their employees find alternative ways of getting to work, they can have some influence on the city’s public officials in finding ways to make that a safe and supported option.

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