What are some ways that businesses can cut out the paper in their daily routine?



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    Well the easiest way is to email memo’s and messages between colleagues.  post-it notes, scrap computer paper, and the like are not necessary to use.  instead I would suggest just email or texting. 

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    There is HR software available that allows you to manage things like memos, time off requests, and payroll stubs online. Employess can log into their account to view things like vacation balance and their paycheck stub, rather than have it all done on paper.

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    Paychecks should be encouraged as direct deposit, and statements available online.  Manuals should be available on flash drives or whatever medium to eliminate paper printing.  Proposals, etc. …..basically everything is available electronically now.  Whenever printing is necessary, or copying, print/copy on BOTH sides.


    And most importantly…….nix the fax!! it’s not necessary anymore.  Signatures can be captured electronically.  If it’s insisted they need to be signed hard copy, scan it over and let them print and sign (remind them to print double sided) — the cover sheet that comes standard to most faxes is such a waste of tree.



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