What are some ways that building design can help make us healthier?



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    Indoor air quality and natural lighting are two ways that green building design can help make us healthier.  The use of non-toxic building materials, such as formaldehyde-free composits and low-emission paints, leads to greatly improved indoor air quality.  Indoor air quality is very important, since most people spend about 90% of their time indoors.  Natural lighting also contributes to improved mood and productivity, and overall quality of life.  The links provided give some more information.

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    ‘Greener’ cleaning products can also make a huge difference in indoor air quality– not only for the employees of the business, but also for the building maintenance people who have to apply these cleaning products.

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    Well oriented building as per the wind direcrtion of the given site is very well ventilated using passive daylighting and operable windows. Diffrent areas of building if palced keeping in view the poisition of sun also promote the occupant health. Like kitchen and dining areas in east, entrance in north-east/west, study areas in south part of building which is most lighted and sllepping areas which are away from any external noise/pollution. Indoor environment quality of building can be enhanced by using low VOC paints,varnishes,carpets etc,maximum views to outdoors comforts human eye. South part of any building should be throughly landscaped to offset the heat infiltration . Weather sheds should be designed so as to allow the low height winter sun and offset the summer sun.

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