What are some ways that biofuels are bad for the environment?



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    The main concern with biofuels has to do with the use of the modern agricultural system to create fuel. Modern agriculture is incredibly energy intensive and destructive to the ecosystem. High crop yields are dependent on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers which are made from natural gas, as well as other synthetic herbicides and pesticides. Also, the prevailing agricultural system does little to protect soil quality, reduce runoff into waterways and minimize water use. As a result, top soil (the nutrient rich layer of soil) is disapperaing, water ways are being polluted (learn more about the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico) and aquifers are being mined (water is being removed at a faster rate than it is being replaced).

    So the primary environmental concerns with biofuels stems from the same concerns with the modern agricultural system. The economic impact of growing fuel instead of food could also be problematic for people.

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    Biofuels have a couple of cons. They are easy to use because it is a liquid fuel, just like petrol so pretty much everything running on petrol or oil today can be used with biofuels with some modifications. We don’t need to develop a new infrastructure to support biofuels. On the other hand they’re hard to find as gas stations don’t offer it.

    Another concern is whether we have enough farms to support the production of biofuels as well as food at the same time. Most expert agree that we don’t. 

    Some experts also point out that producing biofuels require more energy than they generate. According to one study producing ethanol from corn needed 29% more energy than the end product generated. 

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