What are some ways to be greener on a budget?

I would love to buy eco-friendly clothing , but I certainly can’t afford a $50 t-shirt.



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    Being green doesn’t matter if you are on a budget. Being green will actually help your cash supply. Some ideas are drive less, use less electricity and water, eat local foods/vegetarian diet and try making items for yourself instead of buying them.

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    I totally understand that dilemma. It seems that in bigger department stores, the eco friendly/organic choices tend to be much more money. One way that I shop greener is to shop second hand or vintage (which, let’s face it, sounds a lot better). Thrift shops are, for the most part, heaps cheaper and the money they make tends to go to good causes. But I also have noticed that the more popular the eco friendly lifestyle is getting the cheaper these clothing choices are becoming, as well. 

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    if you want to shop for organic food and household products, Whole Food Markets offers some great coupons on its website! I use these a lot for healthy snacks. They keep the coupons updated every month. Enjoy.

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    There are a lot of DIY stuff! For your hair there is this DIY shampoo and conditioner that I’ve heard really works and does wonders for your hair. For the shampoo you use a combo of water and baking soda – you balance it out according to how your responds to it (I forgot the recommended measurements). For the conditioner, use water and apple cidar vinegar.

    Couponing is also another great way! Register with groupon or check local the websites’ of local places you love. I know Chipotle is a very eco-friendly Mexican restaurant and they are constantly giving out coupons. Join their mailing list!

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