What are some ways to attract green investors?



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    That depends a lot on your business plan and company ethics. However, just saying you have an “innovative green business idea” doesn’t cut it these days with so many jumping the band wagon these days. The top ten green comanies in the US are all found in these industries: technology, consumer products, health and financial companies. It’s recommded to focus on these industries for the best chances to find investors. Personally, I believe if you have an innovative enough idea and can market it right, then you just have as much as a chance.

    If you’re looking for any investors, you should check crowdfunding sites. Check out these: Kickstarter, IndieGogo, Sellaband and Rockethub.

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    Partnering with non-profit or third party organizations can help your credibility and make you more attractive to investors. I also recommend going to local green networking events to meet people. You want to build up trust so you can get referrals. People at the events may have also been in your same position and can give you some advice. 

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