what are some ways to attract birds to your property?



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    There are several ways to attract birds to your yard. If you provide water, food, natural habitat and nesting areas, birds will be likely to spend time on your property. Some examples include a bird feeder with seeds, a nesting box, a bird bath, and limiting pesticide and herbicide use your yard. Personally, I like to use a bird feeder that is simply a pine cone smeared with peanut butter and rolled in seeds. This is attractive and fits into the natural landscape, and is very inexpensive.

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    Anything that mimics the natural environment will be helpful. Birds desire safety and a supplemental food supply – if you can provide both, you’ll start to see plenty of wild birds. Plant some shrubs if possible (they do not necessarily need to yield berries) and trees: the more cover and security, the better. As mercurycommuncation touched upon, a water feature can be really important. Even a simple bird bath – maintained regularly – can offer a service to ground-dwelling birds such as robins who need to clean themselves. Some birds also soften their food with water.

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    Some popular foods for attracting birds is to use seeds, nectar, fruits, insects, scraps and nuts. Another very basic way to attract birds is to use water, another bonus it is free. However what birds are often looking for is safety to trees, shrubs and overgrown grassy areas are a way to attract them. Basically the best results will come from offering birds a habitat similar to their own rather than something a human would like. Focus on attracting the natural animal.

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    Hummingbirds are exceptionally easy to attract.Simply hang some hummingbird feeders. Place them out of sight of one another.Hummingbirds are territorial. Always keep feeders clean by changing the nectar every 3 to 5 days and cleaning with a brush.Depending on where you live they are seasonal birds. Many species migrate to South America in the winter. All birds require a water source. Many other birds can be attracted by suppling feeders with birdseed mixes.

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