What are some ways that architecture is becoming more eco friendly?



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    Architecture can be green in several ways.  One aspect is to incorporate green building materials like windows which minimize heat loss or make sure that the building is properly insulated.  Another way is to make the physical design more efficient and eco-friendly.  Incorporating large or well placed windows which can reduce the need for artificial lighting or minimizing the space that has to be heated or cooled (ie no vaulted ceilings) will help save energy.  Lastly, the design can incorporate water saving techniques like water saving faucets and collect rain water or dew for use in landscaping.

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    Any Architectural building which complies with LEED or Green Globe or any other green rated programme is eco friendly. Such buildings are made on sustainable sites, they are water effiecnt,they have passive daylighting and views to outdoors,they are made out recycled/certfied/regional materials.The operating cost of such buildings is less.They promote occupant health and comfort, reduce the environmental imapact of building.

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