what are some way of returning nutrients to the soil?



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    If you’re thinking on a scale of what you can do, then a compost pile is the way to go. Just have a pile of biodegradable materials, and it is great for the land. Another good thing to try is if you have a garden, don’t clean up fallen and dead leaves or plants. Let them break down in the soil and all the nutrients will be returned.

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    Though not yet a widely available option for the average homeowner, compost tea is a great way to boost the health of beneficial microbes’ activity, thereby making existing nutrients more available. It’s a bit of a science and requires a lot of soil and tea testing to figure out a soil’s composition and the effects your efforts are having over time. I apply it in a public rose garden on a large scale, and people are so interested in it that I hope it will catch on a be made more of an option. Some gardening companies are beginndning to offer it’s application as part of their services, so if you are interested you can research your local businesses. To read more look at the link below:

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