what are some very endangered species?



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    The World Wildlife Fund released a list of the top ten species under the most threat:

    1. Tiger
    2. Polar bear
    3. Pacific Walrus
    4. Magellanic Penguin
    5. Leatherback Turtle
    6. Bluefin Tuna
    7. Mountain Gorilla
    8. Monarch Butterfly
    9. Javan Rhinoceros
    10. Giant Panda

    Each species on the list is a victim of climate change, hunting/poaching, or habitat destruction.

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    Although this data could change rapidly over time, these are a few of the most endangered species.

    1. Black Rhino
    2. Giant Panda
    3. Siberian Tiger

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    The IUCN identifies “critically endangered” as meaning the population of a species has declined or will decline 80% within three generations.

    Below is a link which had detailed info and pictures on species listed as “critically endangered.”

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    The IUCN puts together the definitive list of endangered species, ranking their threat level from “least concern” to “extinct.” One of the possible rankings is “extinct in the wild,” meaning that there are no longer any individuals of that species that survive in the wild, and the entire population is in captivity. This is an extremely precarious position for a species to be in, not only because of small population numbers but also because the tiny size of the gene pool will put a great deal of strain on the species as attempts are made to rehabilitate its population. Several examples of these kinds of species include the Hawaiian crow, the Guam rail, and the socorro dove.

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