What are some vegetables that contain a lot of iron?



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    Both spinach and carrots contain alot of iron. I used to eat large amounts of both while I was breastfeeding. I would recommend eating them raw to get the most nutrition benefits. My favorite fresh juice includes 6 long carrots, 2 oranges, and 1 apple. You can throw spinach in any salad for variety or try it in miso soup.

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    Iron is an essential mineral, for it transports oxygen throughout the body. There are several vegetables that contain this important mineral. In just one cup of sun-dried tomatoes, you can get 27% of your recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of iron. Fresh parsley contains a good amount of iron too- in a 100g serving, you can get 34% RDA. Cooked spinach also has a lot of iron, accounting for 35% RDA in one cup. Additionally, lentil sprouts contain 17% RDA of iron in a 100g serving. Those mentioned are just a few vegetables that are iron rich. You can find more vegetables, along with fruits, at the link provided.

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