What are some vacuums that don’t use a lot of power?



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    The Dirt Devil AccuCharge is an Energy-Star approved (meaning it is energy efficient) cord-less vacuum that charges twice as fast (meaning plugged in for less time and thus using less power), uses 70% less energy and has an extended battery life to more efficiently convert power.

    The Siemens Z6.0 canister vacuum uses 50% less energy than regular vacuums.  There are two types of the Siemens Z6.0 vacuum, the Eco model and the Power model. Both save energy but the Eco saves even more using only 1,200 watts of energy but performing as well as typical vacuums which use twice as many watts.



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    When purchasing a green vacuum cleaner, you want to be concerned about a number of things.  Mainly:

    1. Resources needed to run the vacuum.  Does it require new filters every 2 months?  Does it need new batteries every few weeks? 

    2. Electricity consumption.  How much energy does the vacuum need to run?  It is a myth that vacuum cleaners with less than 12 amp motors are not as powerful, but it’s not true!

    3. Bags & Filters.  As noted above, you should be on the lookout for how often you will need to change these items, therefore creating additional, unnecessary waste.

    4. Batteries.  Although not all vacuums require them, just like bags & filters, you should be aware of how many times you’ll need to change the batteries throughout the year. 

    With the above in mind, it has been noted that the following vacuums are known for being green: a. Rainbow Vacuums, b. Kirby Vacuums, c. Hyla Vacuums. 

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