What are some uses for a humidifier?



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    Humidifers add moisture to the air and can make breathing and sleeping easily if you are suffering from allergies or sickness.


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    Humidifiers can be used for congestion relief which can help the common cold, flu, and sinus infection. Using the humidifier in your room while you sleep it will add moisture to the air. This will then moisten the skin and the nasal passages, which will help break-up the mucous and let it drain. 

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    A reason you would use a humidifier would be to put moisture into the air of a room when there is not enough, which can cause some problems. A lack of sufficient moisture can lead to minor health problems. It can lead to dry, itchy skin, or aggravate asthma or allergy symptoms. It can also cause you to be more susceptible to cold or flus. More humidity can also affect the quality of a room; the creaks from the gaps in the walls and furniture can be fixed by increasing the moisture in the air.

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    Humidifiers can also help alleviate the symptoms of chronic dry eye.  See the link below for an explanation of different types of humidifiers.

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