What are some useful skills to have for green jobs?



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    A good conception of technology and engineering are important; if you’re designing alternative energy sources for example, you want to be handy and dextrous enough to be able to diagnose and fix any problems that arise.  If you have business skills or knowledge that’s going to help you, because green technology is indeed a business these days and many green jobs may be with cooperations that realistically are more concerned with the economic aspects than the environmental aspects of what you will be accomplishing in your green job with them.  Finally creativity and experience are important: this is a developing industry with few precedents, more job opportunities than qualified candidates, and much room for innovation.  

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    It really depends on what you want to do.  If you want to design the next electric car then an engineering degree would be beneficial.  Do you want to design a successful website that caters to a green lifestyle?  A computer science degree would probably be the route to take.  Do you want to be the next voice of sustainable living?  Public relations, marketing, or english degrees would really help.  Do you want to prosecute companies harming the environment?  Go to law school and get a JD in environmental law.  There’s really an unlimited number of skills that will help you get a green-job.  Just start with what you are good at and build upon that.

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    I always say that you should practice what you preach. For example, if you’re an environmental science teacher, you should try and incorporate aspects of environmental science into your everyday lifestyle. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but to be able to walk the walk shows that you truly are passionate about the environment. If you are passionate about the environment and living the green lifestyle, then any green job won’t really be a job to you. Those are my best tips! 

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    It really depends on what job you are looking for. Obviously if you are looking for jobs directly working with the development of green energy you need technical skills. There are green energy programs gaining popularity across the country in colleges – especially for wind energy. If you are looking for research jobs then probably need to know how to conduct focus groups, surveys, databases like MRI and analytical programs like SPSS. If you want a job in PR or advertising gaining internships with green companies is a great way to apply the skills you already know to this industry. Hope that helped.

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