What are some unusual causes of deforestation?



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    I am not sure what you would consider unusual, so I’ll just list a few and hopefully it will be useful to you.

    –agriculture–both for crops and grazing

    –fuelwood–now primarily for cooking in tropical regions, but wood as a source of heat certainly was a primary cause for harvesting throughout Europe

    –suburban development– in the U.S. land that was once forested, then was converted to agricultural land over the past 100 years had begun to regrow; however once again suburban sprawl has begun deforesting the landscape

    –logging–actually extracting lumber for construction purposes; in the days of ship building, wood was vital for a strong shipping industry

    –subterranean resource extraction–mineral mines often require quite a bit of forest removal to access the subsurface minerals and then to process them as well.

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    Although it’s not technically a cause of deforestation, invasive species can cause significant damage to forests.  Currently in Montana and other regions of the west, for example, there is a severe pine beetle threat, which is causing the destruction of millions of acres of forest, mostly where there is a heavy concentration of Lodgepole Pine. 

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