What are some unique animals native to India?



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    Here are just a few examples of some prominent animals known to originate from India:

    • Indian elephant -one of the largest land mammals on Earth
    • White Bengal tiger – also known as the Indian tiger
    • Indian rhinoceros – has a single horn
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    To add to the previous list of unique animals native to India:

    Indian Red Panda

    Indian Wild Ass (also referred to as the khur)

    Indian Lion

    Indian Peacock

    Indian Cobra

    Indian Langur

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    India is also home to various kinds of deer, including the sambar deer, the chital (also known as axis deer), and the blackbuck. 

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    In addition to the animals listed above, some interesting bird species native to India include the Indian Roller, a blue and brown bird that is considered sacred in the Hindu religion, the Great Indian Bustard, a large bird that lives in desert, grassy plains, and the Common Kingfisher, a beautiful jewel-toned bird that prefers to live near bodies of water. Over 1200 species of birds are found in India, and many are protected in bird sanctuaries, such as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    One thing I found exciting about India was the fact that “wild” animals populate the cities and towns, walking around busy streets or jumping from rooftop to rooftop. For example, hogs can be seen eating trash on the sides of streets, not encaged in any pen. Monkeys can be seen jumping around the rooftops and even posing for pictures. Cows, of course, are everywhere, in the streets, on the sidewalks, outside of businesses. These usually have owners, but they are not kept in pens or  behind fences.

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