What are some trees that grow really quick that I can plant in my back yard to give me privacy from my neighbors?



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    The fastest growing plant you could put there is bamboo. You could have an effective screen in months. Trees, on the other hand, will take years. Any trees.

    (Bamboo spreads rapidly, so you’ll need to consider how to contain it. Concrete walls would be appropriate.)

    There are larger problems to consider, too. Plenty of legal suits are started because a neighbor’s trees block another neighbor’s view. And if you throw their swimming pool into permanent shade, you can imagine they aren’t going to like it. You neighbors may retaliate, say, for example, by building a high, ugly fence. I have a friend who planted her favorite trees in the middle of her property, only to have the neighborhood association gang up on her. She was forced to dig them up.

    You might want to consider what it is you’re doing that needs such privacy. And if it might be better done indoors.

    And consider that if you’re doing … unusual things … a fence is nowhere near the barrier it was 100 years ago. A neighbor who really wanted to watch you nude sunbathing? For a couple hundred bucks could buy a flying drone with a video camera. 

    The easiest thing is just to stay on good terms with your neighbors.

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