What are some trees that do really well with no water?



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    The Bay Tree is very drought tolerant, and the Black Locust tree tolerates drier conditions. The amount of water a tree uses is pretty much proportional to the volume of canopy as the water is used when the tree transpires. So trees with a sparse canopy will use less water than trees with a big full dense canopy. That being said, you should not try reducing a plant’s live foliage yourself, it can cause harm to the plant if too much is removed, therefore look for trees that have naturally less foliage.

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    Here is a website where you can order drought tolerant trees and shrubs. 

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    Rubber trees only need to be watered once or twice a month during the dormant season.  They are very hardy and do just fine being watered once a week in the warmer months.  They are incredibly low maintenance, and can be indoor or outdoor plants.

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