What are some trees that are endangered?



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    Some interesting named ones are: The Dragon  Tree, The Monkey Puzzle and the Wollemi Pie.

    There are 12 listed here on http://www.unep.org!

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    Some endangered trees are the African Blackwood, the Clanwilliam cedar, the Dragon Tree, the Monkey Puzzle tree, the St. Helma gumwood, and the Wollemi pine. Many of these trees are extinct in the wild and grow only in carefully tended gardens. Trees become endangered as a result of extensive deforestation, usually for the profit of logging or farming. They are sometimes cut up for timber as well.

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    Another endangered tree is the Honduras rosewood which can be found in Belize in Central America. The timber produced by this tree is highly valued in the market because of its use in musical instrument production. It is highly prized in the production of orchestral xylophones and claves because of the loud note it gives off when struck. It is also used to make thin coverings for furniture and cabinets.

    The Nubian Dragon Tree is also another example of an endangered tree. This tree is found in dry areas of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. This was once an abundant and widespread species but now has become endangered. The tree can survive long periods of drought making it important for the desert ecosystem.


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