what are some toxic chemicals that are in agricultural run off?



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    There are many chemicals to be found in agricultural run off.  Although not each one of these chemicals might be found in all agricultural run offs, the list includes pesticides, solvents, acetone, ammonia, gasoline, diesel, cadmium, etc.

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    Various pesticide chemicals as well as livestock waste are two components of agricultural runoff that can pose hazards to ecosystems and their inhabitants.  Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium from fertilizers can wreak havok on ecosystems by causing massive plant growths and foul drinking water. Soils with toxic components attached can be themselves washed away into rivers and lakes, as well.


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    Some of the most problematic chemicals  from synthetic fertilizers found in waterways are nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, ammonium and phosphates. These compounds aren’t exactly toxic, they are actually essential to life on earth, but when they are present in disproportionate concentrations they can cause rapid plant growth and death and destabilize nutrient cycles.

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