What are some tips to stop wasting food?



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    Make small weekly trips to your local farmers market, preferably by bike, instead large infrequent trips to avoid buying more food then you can use and it going made in the refrigerator. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry or you will probably over purchase as well. Cook only as much as you will eat that day or as left overs and have a good set of tupperware for storage. Freeze bread that you are not going to use immediately to avoid it getting moldy. Finally, compost all food clippings to use in your own garden. Below is a website dedicated specifically to this question. Hope these help!

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    Planning meals in advance can help to stop wasting food. You can plan to eat meals throughout the week that use a number of the same ingredients. You’ll find you spend less at the grocery store because you’ll buy only what you really need, and less of your food will go bad.

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