What are some tips to recycle water for household use?



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    You can recycle the water used in your home through a system called The Gray Water Recycling System. Gray water is really only useful if you have a garden or plants around or in the house. If you would like to use this type of water reclamation around your home, you should be conscious of the cleaners and detergents you are using. Most detergents can lead to a build up of sodium in the soil, and most cleaners can be harmful to the soil and the micro-organisms therein.

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    As indicated by the greywater.com website, the greaywater must be treated before use.  Then the issue of treating the “blackwater” is still viable.  An option to installing two treatment systems is to install one good wastewater treatment system, then used the effluent from there for the watering.  Depending on your regulations, the water may need to be disinfected before re-use.  In green buildings they are starting to use disinfected treated wastewater effluent for toilet flusing and landscape watering.  If you are really intrested in pursuing this further investigate onsite wastewater treatment system.  I have heard some talk that greywater should be disinfected before use just like treated septic effluent.

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