What are some tips to live a more sustainable life?



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    There are all sorts of ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, from actions that any person can take at any time, to larger changes that may take more planning.

    One change that is fairly easy to make is to eat more sustainably.  Buying locally grown foods reduces greenhouse gas emissions produced by the vehicles that would otherwise be transporting food for long distances, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables reduces packaging waste.

    Turning off electric appliances and lights when they are not in use helps conserve energy.  There are also energy-efficient appliances, as well as lightbulbs, which are readily available.

    Driving less and walking, biking or taking public transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

    Sustainable design is perhaps a bigger change than many people can make on their own, but for new buildings, it is very important.  It seeks to use environmentally friendly building materials, and to build in a way that minimizes energy and water consumption, among other things.

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    There are a whole host of things you can do to start living a more sustainable life: 

    Walk/bike instead of driving

    Buy locally grown food 

    Reuse products instead of just replacing them


    Make a compost

    Just a few quick ideas

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