What are some tips to conserve water around the house?



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    1. While brushing teeth, instead of leaving the tap running as many people do, turn off the water.

    2. Take shorter showers and/or install a water saving shower head.

    3. Check faucets and pipes for leaks. This can account for up to 20 gallons of water a day being wasted.

    4. Install a low-flush toilet. Or if this is too expensive simply use the toilet less. Do not flush if you are simply throwing in a tissue. Some households don’t even flush if it’s just pee!

    5. Only run dishwasher/washing machine when the loads are full. 

    6. When doing dishes fill a bucket for rinsing rather than running the water while rinsing. This will use much less water. 

    7. Keep a pitcher of cool water in the fridge to avoid wasting water from the tap while you wait for it to turn cold. 

    8. Plant drought-resistant plants in your yard so you do not have to use as much water to water them. 

    There are many more ways to conserve water, but these are just a few (and the easiest) to get your started.

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    If you have an adventurous handy man or woman in your house you might be able to play with the plumbing a bit.  I don’t know how strict plumbing regulations are in other countries, but in our house my boyfriend rigged the plumbing so that any water in the bathroom sink drains into the toilet tank.   When i lived in Japan, my apartment had a similar system where the top of the toilet  actually was a sink so when you flushed it water came in from the tap through the faucet, you washed your hands, and the water drained into the tank.  You might be able to buy something like this too.   

    Another thing we have rigged up in the house is a grey water filter system which we made ourselves with pipes, rocks, and plants, but these can be bought too.  Basically the water from our washing machine, kitchen sink, and shower drain into this system, filter through it, and then get deposited into the ground under our backyard garden to water it.

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    You can also shower using less water by only turning the water on before and after soaping up. This is not fun and can be pretty chilly, but you’ll have fast showers and use a lot less water. You can also install low-flow shower heads and put a weighted down bottle of water in your toilet tank to use less when you flush.

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