What are some things that we use softwood for?



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    Humans actually use softwood much more than we do hardwood, even though there are over 100 times as many types of hardwood as softwood. The ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ part don’t actually have much to do with how dense the wood is. In fact, balsa wood is very light and soft despite being a hardwood.

    Most timber is softwood. Timber can be used for construction, furniture and paper.

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    Softwood, or wood taken from coniferous trees (such as pines or firs), makes up the vast majority of timber product available. Considered easier to work with than hardwood, it is used in a plethora of different products. The most common of these is building construction materials. Due to the temperament of softwood, using it in traditional furniture – such as chairs or tables – is discouraged, but it is often found in cabinets, doors and windows.




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