What are some things we have done to reduce pollution in America?



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    Here are a few of the things that have been done to help reduce pollution: monetary incentives have been introduced for bicyclists and others who do not drive alone to work, many stores are promoting the use of reusable bags, and laws have become tighter so far as vehicle emissions. Auto makers have also come out with more fuel-efficient cars and electric cars. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use less power, which is also helpful in reducing power usage. The vast majority of municipal waste facilities now provide curbside recycling pickup, which is a change over the past twenty years. The website listed below provides more information about changes that have been made and changes that we can all make to reduce pollution.

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    Burn bans are instituted when air quality reaches certain levels. Green car washing businesses are now available that send wastewater for treatment instead of into local streams and waterways. Some cities have built successful mass transit solutions, such as MAX light rail in Portland and BART in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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