What are some things that we do with recycled tires?



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    One thing we do with old tires is turn them into shoes! Eco Sneaks are a line of shoe made by the company Simple Shoes and has recycled tires for the soles. You can even see the old worn down tread when you look at them. 

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    Recycled tires are used for many things. My personal favorite is the tire is chopped up to the size of black peppercorns and used as padding on AstroTurf. Other products made from recycled tires are stall mats for horses, the padding in artificial running tracks, and truck beds.

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    As mentioned above, tires can be remolded into mats, or linings for the bottoms of horse stalls.  Also related to horses, tires can be shredding and incorporated into the footing of riding rings.  It’s much more buoyant than sand and drains water better than footings made from dirt or soil. 

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