What are some things that we can do to help make food more affordable for everyone in the United States?



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    A good start would be to grow more of our own food in the US rather than importing it from other countries. The US is a large country, and probably one of the most agriculturally fertile; at the moment, however, much of the viable land is taken up by corn. While corn is edible, the majority of what is grown in the States goes to make livestock feed rather than to feed people. If the government were to reduce or stop its corn subsidies, growers would be more motivated to grow crops that would feed people rather than animals, which could potentially raise the cost of beef and other meal-fed meat, but might dramatically lower the cost of produce. Depending on where you live, your food may travel many thousands of miles before you eat it; all that fuel and handling often ends up costing quite a bit. Therefore, growing and buying locally is a good option for saving your own money, influencing how the food industry works, and helping the environment.

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