What are some things rainforest wood is used for?



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    some are chairs ,paper, tables,and much more.

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    Rainforests are home to very diverse plant life, and in many cases rainforests are the only places to find certain types of wood.  Because of the habitat, those woods have stand-out characteristics, such as rare beauty, density (very heavy or very light), exceptional strength, strange color, etc.  These woods are used for almost everything that needs wood, depending on the characteristics of the wood.  For example, balsa wood is very light, so it is good for coring boats and building models.  A dense wood such as mahogany is desired for its dark color and its strength — good for furniture or decoration.  Teak is one of the hardest, most rot-resistent woods, so it is often used as wood on fancy boats (trim, windowsills, paneling, interior, etc.), where it will resist water and retain its strength.  Whatever use, there will be a wood that will suit it best, and many times, that wood comes from a rainforest.

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