What are some things that people use solar power to run?



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    For part of the year I have lived in a house in Baja, Mexico that is completely solar. We run everything, from our laptops, to our lights. You can charge your cell phone, computer, IPod,stove…the possiblities are endless.

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    Solar power is an amazing source of energy. Not only does it help the average consumer cut down their carbon footprint AND costs, but it can also be used in large, industrial buildings. The most common use of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy (which converts sun’s power into usable electricity) is as a source of power, such as electricity. Examples are smaller PV units, such as calculators, solar garden products, lights, and other appliances; pool and/or hot tub heating; solar panels in individual homes that can supplement the power in a home; solar cookers; and portable solar panels.

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    To add you can also power solar to heat up your drinking water and for your pool if you feel like using it in the winter!

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