What are some things that make a walkable city?



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    Some things that make a particular city or neighbor hood walkable include a center, enough people, mixed levels of income, and streets designed for transit, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

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    According to Walkscore.com, walkable cities are composed of many walkable neighborhoods, and there are a number of factors that make a walkable neighborhood.  The neighborhood must have a center, a public space, like a park, or a main street of businesses; it must have enough people for businesses to prosper and for good public transportation; it has affordable housing close to businesses; it has parks and other public spaces dispersed throughout; it has a pedestrian friendly design, with storefronts located close to the streets and parking lots in the rear; it has schools and workplaces within walking distance of residences; and its streets are designed for pedestrian, bicycle, and bus use, leaving less need for cars.

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    Walkable communities.org has a twelve step checklist. This checklist defines the key elements that make a city or town walkable. Some of the elements include intact town centers, mixed densities, public spaces, connectivity, and more. To view the full list visit http://www.walkable.org/faqs.html.

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