What are some things that increase your risk for stroke?



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    see the list of 17 risk factors in the link.

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    Many factors that increase your risk for a storke also increase your risk for a heart attack.  A few of these include having a family history of heart attack or stroke, being 55 years of age or older, having high blood pressure and/or high colersterol diabetes, and being overweight.  Other risk factors associated with drug abuse include heavy/binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, or taking illicit narcotics “such as cocaine and metamphetamines.”

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    Your risk of stroke is broken down into two categories: controllable and uncontrollable. Then, controllable risk factors are broken down into lifestyle risk factors and medical risk factors; lifestyle risk factors can be changed and medical risk factors can be treated. Some controllable risk factors include: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and lack of physical activity. All of these risk factors can be decreased by eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Some uncontrollable risk factors include: age (being 55 or older), gender (being male), race (being African America, Hispanic, or Asian), and family history of stroke. 

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    A diet high in red meat increases your risk of stroke.

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