What are some things I should look at when purchasing a new e-reader?



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    One of the most important factors to think about when buying an e-reader is the availabilty of reading content.  Most e-book manufacturers require that you buy reading material off of their particular site.  Bigger manufacturers, like Amazon with the Kindle, have the widest selection to choose from.  Another factor is supported formats.  Most e-readers can handle the average MP3, JPEG, txt, and HTMl, but some e-readers support more obscure formats that often are exclusive to each model.  Price is another obvious factor.  Some are pretty pricey, like the Kindle at $360 – but it is packed with features and nice looking. Other things to consider are battery life, size, and display (color, clarity, etc.).

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    If I was to buy an e-reader, first priority would be readability, that it doesn’t make my eyes sore even after hours of reading. Display size would be next in line, and battery life. I mostly read books in pdf formats on computers. If the product is environmentally friendly that’s a plus but I would not consider that as a crucial selling point. 

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